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June 13, 2019

Human Rights in Residential and Commercial Tenancy

Housing is a basic need for every human being. A home is central to one’s sense of security and belongingness. Many international treaties recognize housing as a fundamental and universal human right. Canada is a signatory to these treaties. In Canada, human rights legislation protects people from discrimination and harassment while renting a property and enjoying it as a tenant. Throughout this resource, several cases demonstrate the way in which human rights tribunals and courts award remedies to individuals who are believed to have suffered as a result of discrimination or harassment.

An act of discrimination not only affects its victim, but the entire society and dishonours the traditions of a nation. People should oppose discrimination, not only as an issue of personal grievance, but as a duty of responsible citizenry and as an expression of their commitment to the core values of Canada. These are the values and traditions that have made Canada a desired destination for people from all over the world.