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Mandate and Objectives

Mandate and Objectives

Our mandate is to create situations of social inclusion for immigrant communities leading to their effective participation and successful integration into Canadian society.

We are inspired by the vision of a vibrant and diverse society that is as free of conflicts as possible.

Our objectives are:

  • To build community capacity and promote civic participation amongst immigrants;
  • To develop strategic responses in social, legal and family conflict matters affecting immigrant families in Canada;
  • To work toward empowerment of women and improve their lives so that they can become fully participating citizens of Canada;
  • To research and dentify gaps and promote community response;
  • To liaise where necessary with individuals, organizations and governments locally and intentionally and foster collaboration of trans-national stakeholders;
  • To deliver services of a social, advocacy, legal and educational nature regarding serious social malpractices such as trans-national fraudulent marriages;
  • To research, develop and provide resource co-ordination to respond to identified needs in serious socio-legal issues; and
  • To undertake international projects to promote Canadian values and humanitarianism and assist women, youth, children and other weaker segments of society to improve their well being.