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Legal Terminology – Vietnamese

Legal Terminology – Vietnamese

Translator – Anh M.H. Le

Anh M.H. Le has over 14 years of experience in interpretation and translation and has provided her services in a wide range of settings, including conferences, seminars, media, courts and other legal offices. Anh exhibits an extra-ordinary command of both source and target languages. While she grew up in Vietnam and Vietnamese is her first language, she has acquired a native-like fluency in English language through graduate and post graduate studies. She took her M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan and B.Sc from Vietnam in Veterinary Medicine. Currently, she is enrolled in the Ph.D. Program at the University of Alberta. Anh is widely traveled, and has developed her cross-cultural experience through overseas travel and studies.

Reviewer – Vietnamese Canadian Friendship Society 

The Vietnamese Canadian Friendship Society (VCFS) is a public service organization, dedicated to the well-being of Vietnamese people in Canada. Its mission is to assist Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in becoming active participants in the multicultural society of Canada, particularly in Alberta and to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Canadians of Vietnamese origin and mainstream Canadians.