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Legal Terminology – Persian (Farsi)

Legal Terminology – Persian (Farsi)

Translator: Shahnaz Shahtoosi

Shahnaz Shahtoosi is currently a PhD Candidate in Translation Studies in English and French at the University of Alberta. She also has a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in English-Persian (Farsi) Translation and Translation Studies from her home country, Iran, and over 14 years of experience in translation and interpretation between the English, Persian, and French languages. She has a great command of both English and French and is a native speaker of Persian. The advantage of knowing these languages as well as having many years of experience and academic knowledge in translation and interpretation has enabled her to translate 4 books into Persian and publish them in Iran. She has also published and presented a range of academic articles on translation and interpretation in International journals and conferences around the world. While she has done translation and interpretation in a wide range of topics and settings, including seminars, media, courts, legal offices, literature, politics, science, and engineering, she is more interested in translation and interpretation in legal, technical and scientific fields and settings.

Editor: Houri Abrishamkar Esfahani

Houri Abrishamkar Esfahani has a bachelor’s degree in English-Persian translation and interpretation. She is fluent in English, and a native speaker of Persian (Farsi). She has over 5 years of experience as a translator and interpreter in legal and business environment in Iran, China and Australia. She also has more than 3 years of experience as a freelance translator in Ottawa and Edmonton, and has published 2 books translated from English to Persian in Iran.