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Legal Terminology – Mandarin

Legal Terminology – Mandarin

Translator –  Lina Ye

Lina Ye is currently a PhD student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Russian literature studies. Prior to her immigration to Canada, she held a tenured position as associate professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University for 6 years. She is proficient in English and Russian, and has also achieved distinctive standards in professional interpreting, working as a simultaneous interpreter for conferences, TV interviews and business negotiations both in Beijing and Moscow. She has also translated film scripts for Beijing TV station. She is working as an interpreter and translator in the areas of family law, immigration law, landlord/tenant law, employment law, domestic violence, healthcare and other issues.

Editor – Jian Wu

Originally from China, Jian Wu moved to Canada where her family is currently based, bringing with her extensive knowledge of Finance & Accounting. In addition to a Degree in International Accounting, she also received a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance Studies. After graduation, Jian launched her career in a commercial bank, where she began her specialization in finance and accounting. That eventually led to career development with some prominent Fortune 500 companies, and positions as accountant, accounting supervisor, financial manager, compliance officer, and financial controller. As a multi-skilled interpreter and translator, Jian has over fifteen years of progressive experience in translating and interpreting between English and Chinese in diverse areas, including corporation regulations and policies, board of directors’ meetings, audits, public relations, seminars, communities, law courts and legal documentations.