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Human Rights Booklets

Human Rights Booklets

Human rights define what we are all entitled to — a life of equality, dignity and respect. A life free from discrimination. You do not have to earn your human rights. You are born with them. It’s the same for every man, woman and child on earth. Nobody can give them to you. But they can be taken away.(www.chrc-ccdp.ca) Several human rights tribunals, institutions and courts in Canada work consistently to ensure that these rights are not taken away from any individual due to a personal characteristic such as race, religion, gender or disability. Human rights laws protect people from discrimination and harassment.

One of the wonderful qualities of these professional booklets is the fact that they are written in accessible language that is understood by almost everyone no matter of age or educational differences. The legal terms and definitions are well explained all through the booklets. The illustrations and stories expanded the understanding of human rights concepts, helped in building and developing awareness and created an informative debate among readers. Perhaps the most significant merit of this project is providing newcomers with the opportunity to identify and develop practical skills in dealing with discrimination. This is no doubt a great work to advance human rights education, help people to step outside the mute zone and use the knowledge of their rights as a frame of reference in their relationship with others.

– Ghada Ageel Hamden, Community Educator

The policies, rules and principles are defined in a very simple and understandable way. The format of questions/answers is such an effective way of making different situations clear to the reader. The intent to making people knowledgeable about human rights in diversified scenarios is completely achieved. Case studies have been used in its true sense to identify problems and its solutions for a better understanding. All the important and main topics have been covered, which are part of our daily lives and we have been wondering about our rights and limitations in those particular situations including discrimination at workplace, dealing with service providers and coming across accommodation laws and policies. Illustrations have supported the facts in a very exciting and helpful way, which makes learning fun. Thank you so much for your efforts and help to educate newcomers in settling down and resolving their day-to-day issues.

– Amber Khan MBA, Community Education Coordinator