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A Self-Help Guide for Victims of Domestic Violence

A Self-Help Guide for Victims of Domestic Violence

This manual aims to support victims of spousal/intimate partner abusebut is not intended as a crisis response manual. Its goal is to strengthen the efforts of the victims to end violence by providing information and support and improving their access to key services. It has been written with consideration for special needs of immigrant women but will apply to any victim of domestic abuse.

Abuse takes place due to imbalance and misuse of power. Thus, it is possible for men also to become victims of domestic abuse. But the population of victims all over the world is largely female. Although, in this manual we have addressed women as victims, the information applies to both men and women without distinction.Non-abuser men are deeply hurt by the abuse of women and support them in their efforts to end abuse in their lives.

Victims of abuse do not have to struggle alone to end abuse. There are many agencies and professionals who can help them in this. This manual aims to encourage the victims to see sense in seeking help, empower them to seek help, and assure them to see hope in their efforts. With this, we hope to be a part of their journey to an abuse-free life.


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